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Hi there, I'm Shanice Linton.


I've always loved helping business owners strategically position their brand to thrive, but I noticed so many entrepreneurs within the Medical and Aesthetics space struggle to stay competitive online and end up wasting time and money testing different brand and content marketing strategies, just to see what works.


Everything changed when I realized how much time and money I have saved my own clients by redirecting their online marketing strategies to focus on 1. Building a powerful brand and 2. Creating a value-centered content marketing plan, strategy and content that captivates, connects and converts.


I want to do the same for you! 

My Story


I started my career in film production because I LOVE strategic storytelling that evokes emotional engagement from viewers. During my final year in college I realized one major similarity between marketing and film production.. Strategic Audience Captivation. I became fascinated with its ability to connect with different audiences and help them make specific purchase decisions. That's when I officially made the switch into medical and aesthetic marketing.

I fell in love with researching different content marketing strategies and branding techniques to empower medical and aesthetic business owners with the knowledge and tools they need to accelerate patient growth online.

I designed Patient Growth Accelerator Academy to empower people like you with an actionable roadmap and the one on one support that you need to get more patients online.

I understand strategic marketing because it’s part of my DNA: I have help many clients across different industries and countries launch and scale their businesses successfully with a strategic content marketing formula that works.

Everyday I continue to help my clients and my students attract more patients online and retain them for life.

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