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A Content Marketing Podcast for Medical and Aesthetic Business Owners - Created to help you understand the behind the scenes strategies and techniques that you can start applying today to attract more patients to your business.

Podcast Overview.


Discover the best content marketing strategies to grow your brand and your business as Shanice guides you through step by step strategic solutions. Discover how to captivate more followers online, amplify your brand and accelerate patient growth at your business! These episodes are layered with free cheatsheets, webinars, worksheets and step by step guides designed to help your business thrive.

Thinking about enhancing your online presence? Need help developing a brand strategy? Shanice is here to help. Ready to develop or grow your business online? You’re in the right place my friend.

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"How do I attract more patients online? How do I increase patient loyalty at my business? How do I captivate my followers online and increase brand awareness?" These are just some of the questions that I answer on the Patient Growth Accelerator Podcast. Find it on the Podcast app and subscribe today. 


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